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Bel'Air Paris
About Us

Our Company

Bel'Air takes pride in bringing excellent products to its customers and providing unflinching support to its distributors. Our customers benefit by enjoying the clean and healthy air provided by our Bel'Air lamps. The lamps utilize a revolutionary method of catalyzing oxygen into ozone, which rids the air of harmful bacteria and pollutants, whilst at the same time bringing us the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils.

To ensure long-term business viability, Bel'Air has garnered the support of renowned aromatherapy specialists throughout France. At the same time, joint research is conducted at the Bio-Technology of the National Yang Ming University of Taiwan. With such thoroughness in our business strategy, we are poised to gain a prominent place in the world market for air management as well as aromatherapy products.

Each Bel'Air diffuser reflects a unique blend of French ethnic culture and artistry, a masterpiece of ancient art merged with modern technology. Crafted in a 250-year-old Limoges factory which has specialized in creating art pieces for the European royalty, each Bel'Air diffuser is made of high quality crystal, porcelain or satin glass. The expertise of French designers have created Bel'Air diffusers as unique collectors' items and enhance the quality of life.

Our plan for the new millenium is to bring this wonderful product into every home around the world, thus giving families everywhere the opportunity to enjoy clean therapeutic air for a healthy lifestyle.

Bel'Air's headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. At the same time, we are represented in several other countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. In addition, the business development team in Singapore is actively opening new markets such as the US, Australia, Japan and Korea.

With the expertise of aromatherapy specialists behind us, as well as being certified with ISO9002 and ISO14001 certificates, our customers are assured of the quality of our products.