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Bel'Air versus Alternatives

Conventional Air Management Products

Conventional Air Management Products listed below together with their deficiencies:

1. Oxygen Generator - Expensive and only 1 function
2. Ionizer - Only 1 single function
3. Ozonator - Expensive and only 1 function
4. Air Purifier - Require maintenance
5. Air Freshener - Frequently rely on chemicals to mask the odours
6. Anti-Dust Mite machines - Expensive and require maintenance

In contrast a single Bel'Air diffuser has the same functions as the 6 above machines and cost only a fraction of the price. Users do not need to worry about messy maintenance nor the diffuser being defective after warranty runs out.

PS: The cost of the above 6 machines can come to as much as US$6000-US$10000, depending on the make and model!

Conventional Aromatherapy Products

Conventional Aromatherapy relies on diffusers heated electrically or by candles, both of which have serious deficiencies!


For more information on the dangers of candles, please refer to these links:

US Scented Candles Study

Dangers of Candles!

As compared to similar products, Bel'Air's refills have a higher percentage of essential oil, in the range of 5-10%. In contrast other products generally have less than 5%. In addition, Bel'Air will soon be starting volume shipments of diffusers which are capable of diffusing 100% concentrated essential oils! Thus, Bel'Air has a competitive advantage over other products.