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Bel'Air Paris
Suggested Usage of Bel'Air Products

1. Purifier the air at home, office or in the car.
2. Bring it on long journeys. Scents such as Ginseng and Lanvander will boost your spirits.
3. Use Hinoki in hotels or at home to sanitize the air as well as get rid of unwanted insects.
4. Relax with scents such as Sandalwood and Lavander.
5. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of unique blends such as Green Tea and Green Bamboo.
6. During smoking sessions, use Bel'Air to clear the air of smoke.
7. Use the diffusers in wardrobes, shoe racks and cars to remove unwanted odours.
8. Use scents such as Rose to creat a romantic ambience.

The usage of our products is up to individual imgination. Many users have used it for various purposes with great benefits. Start enjoying out products today.