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Bel'Air Paris
Bel'Air's Specially Formulated Essential Oils

Please go through our formulated oils. These are all blended with the specially formulated Botanicool

All our essential oils have the ability to replenish oxygen as well as generate negative ions and ozone. Irregardless of which scent you use, the functions of eliminating smoke and odour as well as bacteria and fungus are available. Just choose the scents which you enjoy most!

All our oils come in 2 packaging. The standard 500ml and the 5litres savers pack. Most customers go for the 5litres savers pack because the savings is more than 20% over the 500ml packaging.

Smoke Cleaner (Neutral)

Smoke Cleaner


Disintegrates and eliminates nicotine, cooking fumes as well as fumes from incense. Eliminates odour, bacteria and fungus effectively.




Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb of all. It is native to north-eastern China, eastern Russia and Korea. Ginseng has ancient and rich history as a medicinal plant and has been praised for its remarkable therapeutic benefits for about 7,000 years. Its value was so great that wars were fought for control of the forests in which it thrived. An Arabian physician brought ginseng back to Europe in the 9th century, yet its ability to improve stamina and resistance to stress became common knowledge in the West only from the 18th century. Ginseng increases mental and physical efficiency and resistance to stress and disease. It often shows a dual response like sedating or stimulating the central nervous system according to the condition it is being taken to treat. In the West, ginseng is regarded as a life-enhancing tonic.




A very popular Japanese plant. It naturally repels insects without the use of harmful chemicals. It is also known to relieve rheumatism and also improve the respiratory system. When it is used, a natural fresh ambience is generated. Thus, it improves vitality and reduces stress.

Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo.jpg


Research found that people staying near plantations of Green Bamboo have strong bones. The use of Green Bamboo essential oil is known to help calcium retention and strenghtening of the bones. Thus, it may help to relieve osteoporosis and rheumatism conditions. Definitely an oil which you must try out.

Bois De Santal (Sandalwood)



Native to eastern India, sandalwood is cultivated in South-East Asia for the extraction of wood and essential oil. Sandalwood's aroma has been highly esteemed in China and India for thousands of year. The heartwood is most often used in perfumery, but it has also been taken as a remedy in China since around AD 500. Sandalwood and its essential oil are used for their antiseptic properties in treating genito-urinary conditions such as cystitis and gonorrhea. In India, a paste of the wood is used to soothe rashes and itchy skin. In China, sandalwood is held to be useful for chest and abdominal pain. Sandalwood is great for improving concentration and relieving tension. It has also been known to reduce coughing. This is also a great oil to use when meditating or practicising Yoga or Reiki.

Rose Rouge



Rose is known to be able to normalize hormonal imbalance as well as relieve sysmptoms of PMS. It is also used as a mildly sedative, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory remedy. Rose also reduce high cholesterol levels creates a romantic ambience. Thus it is very popular with couples who want a romantic ambience.

Green Tea

Green Tea.jpg


Green Tea has been part of Japanese diet for a long time. It has been found to have large amounts of anti-oxidants, as compared to other tea. Anti-oxidants helps prevents cell mutation and thus cancer. Green Tea also aids the decomposition of fatty acids, lowers blood cholestrol level and stabilize blood pressure. It has also been known to help in reducing phlegm and has anti-aging properties.




Eucalyptus is a well known essential oil and is native from Australia, where it comprises more than 75% of all trees. A traditional aboriginal remedy, eucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic used all over the world for relieving coughs and colds, sore throats and other infections. The leaves cool the body and relive fever. Inhaling the vapors of the essential oils heated in water, clears sinus and bronchial congestions. Eucaliptol, one of the substances found in the essential oil, is one of the main constituents of the many existing commercial formulas of chest rubs for colds. The essential oil has also strong anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal action. Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter cold remedies.It is used widely to improve the respiratory system and aid in better breathing.

Thyme Flower

Thyme Flower.jpg


Thyme occurs in the west Mediterranean to the southwest Italy. The herb was known to the Sumerians, used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Thyme was praised by the herbalist Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) as "a notable strengthener of the lungs". Its main medicinal application is in treating coughs and clearing congestion. It clears nasal congestion and relieves sinus allergy. Many current formulas for mouth washes and vapor rubs contain thymol, one of the constituents found in thyme. It also improves digestion, destroys intestinal parasites and is an excellent antiseptic and tonic. It also helps prevents flu and common cold.




Basilic has disinfecting functions and helps in clearing congestion in nasal and respiratory systems. It relieves swelling skin on the nose caused by over-sensitive conditions. It has also been known to improve urinary tract condition and also relieves aching waist problem caused by acidic urine.

Lavande (Lavander)



Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and is cultivated in France, Spain and elsewhere. It has been used for aromatic purposes by the Romans in washing water and baths. This herb has uses in culinary, cosmetics and medicine. It is effective to cure headaches, especially when related to stress, to clear depression associated with weakness and depression. Lavande also provides a soothing ambience to help you relax after a long day.




Citronnelle has been known to help users who have high stress levels at work or at home. It helps by relieving users of insomnia, snoring problem, migraine and tension. It has also been known to help in clearing nasal congestion.

Muget Des Bois



Muget is frequently used by customers who desire a change from Citronnelle. It helps relieves tension and also improves concentration. The relief of tension will go towards alleviating insomnia.

Fraicheur D'Ocean



Extracted from a traditional Asian herb, Ocean helps improve memory and learning condition by providing an invigorating and uplifting ambience.




Chypre has been widely used for alleviating chronic cough conditions as well as bronchitis. Great for those who want to try out a new scent which also strenghtens the respiratory system.

Fleur De Lotus



Ever enjoyed the air around a pond covered with fresh lotus? Now you can bring it into your home! The ambience it creates helps improves vitality and concentration. Definietly not a scent to be missed by those who enjoy having a picnic by the fireplace!

Fraicheur D' Agrume



Created from Citrus fruits, this scent is best for users who want to improve their appetite as well as enjoy a fruity scent at home.




Another secnt which helps to repels unwanted insects such as mosquitoes, dust mites and fleas. Harmful chemicals are not released and thus there is no harm to the users.