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How Bel'Air Benefits You!

Amazed and wondering how our products manage your indoor air? Do enjoy this page at your own leisure.

Our product is based on a technology that is more than a 100 years old. In 1897, a French pharmacist combined the popular and effective therapy of essential oils with his innovative method to product optimum therapeutic effects from plant natural extracts.

Our essential oils are blended with the specially formulated Botanicool. They are then diffused through our patented catalytic burner that releases the essential oils at a finely controlled temperature. Since there is no naked flame or electrical power, our special blends are convenient, safe and effective to use.

The catalytic combustion of our essential oils (which are blended with Botanicool), produces the following benefits:

1. Ozone
2. Negative ions
3. Oxygen
4. Release of Phytoncidere
5. Aromatherapy Benefits
6. Scenting your indoors without chemicals

Benefits of Ozone

In limited quantities, ozone is a beneficial substance. It is an oxidizing agent. Its benefits are:

1. Eliminate bacteria and fungi in your indoor air.
2. Remove odours effectively.
3. Eliminate tobacco smoke as well as cooking fumes.
4. Replenish fresh oxygen. Ozone is unstable and will produce fresh oxygen molecules to replensigh oxygen in your indoor environment.

Ozone is also used in water purification plants to kill bacteria as well as to eliminate odour.

Benefits of Negative Ions

Dr Jacob from the Harvard University describe anions (or negative ions) as vitamins of the air.

Sufficient amounts of anions prevent physiological defects and can even reinforce our body immune system. Anions also conterbalance the unwanted radiation (which is in the form of positive ions) in our environment.

Additional Information on Anions

Benefits of Phytoncidere

Phytoncidere was discovered by a Russian biologist, Prof Dunkinn. He found that all plant emits this substance. Phytoncidere is able to kill bacteria and germs which are in proximity. Thus, by emitting phytoncidere, Bel'Air's essential oil has additional ability to eliminate bacteria in your indoor air.

Benefits of Oxygen

Oxygen is the source of life! Researchers have found that oxygen deficiency leads to a host of illnesses. Dr Otto Warburg was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery that he found the cause of cancer to be a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Thus, a higher oxygen content in the air will be beneficial to us.

As a testimony of the benefits of oxygen, many super stars are now sleeping in oxygen chambers to maintain their youth. Medically, oxygen is also used in a host of treatment programmes.

More information can be gleaned from books such as Oxygen Healing Therapies written by Nathaniel Altman.

The Catalytic Combustion Process

Catalytic Reaction